Frequently asked questions

Following you are finding frequently asked questions about ichó and our team. Perhaps it will help you? If not, feel free to contact us!

What does ichó mean?2017-11-27T16:43:42+00:00

ichó (ηχώ) [iˈxɔ] is greek and means echo.

Taken from the greek mythology, ichó was the first cognitive diseases person.
Cursed by Hera, ichó was only able to repeat the last words directed to her.

Inspired by this story, we build a strength out of a weakness and give with ichó cognitive diseased people the ability to communicate back!

What is ichós size?2017-11-02T16:36:07+00:00

Ichó is about the size of a handball. That means about 12cm in diameter. We evaluated the size many times and could recognize that this size is the perfect mean average. Even people with motoric disabilities can handle the ball, pass it on and sometimes even throw and catch the ball. This is supported by its surface. The surface of ichó is structured for easy handling.

How tough is ichó?2017-11-02T16:35:32+00:00

If we talk about interactivity and applications in any possible case, we mean it!

We tested ichó in an early prototype state in tough situations. Fearfully, we watched students of a school for children with special needs playing football with our ichó-prototype. But nothing happened and our prototype still works fine. That’s our requirement to ichó.

Is ichó designed for children?2017-11-02T16:32:51+00:00

Motivated by the personal experiences of our grandparents with dementia, we wanted to work towards a technical and creative solution for this disease. Now, we develop ichó for all cognitive diseases.

We see a great potential for ichó as an supporting device for learning and mentally handicapped children and adults, too, even for people with depressions.

A new exciting field is the work with autistic people. There are many parallels towards other cognitive diseases and possibilities for a cooperation in many fields.

Are programming skills necessary to use ichó?2017-11-02T16:30:04+00:00


ichó use a lot of basic applications, which are already pre-installed inside the ball. Via the ichó-platform you can download many applications, programs and later all-in-one support concepts and transfer those to the ball. Who wants to create his own programs, got an simple editor where you can build up whole applications just by drag and drop.

Is it possible to test ichó?2017-11-02T16:28:15+00:00

A main part of our development is the evaluation of ichó in the field, by affected people, therapists and caregivers. Therefore we evaluate new applications and programs for ichó with these experts.

Because of the huge inquire, we may not be able to test ichó also in your facility.

Just send us a message and we are trying to find a way to include ichó tests in your facility.

How much does ichó cost?2018-02-09T16:39:08+00:00

Currently we are working on a price model for offering ichó together with the nursing homes and mobile nursing services.
As we are preparing our first small series production, we can’t tell you the exact price right now.

Is ichó already available?2017-11-02T16:17:00+00:00

At the moment ichó is still under development and not available on market sale. First products will be available for nursing homes, therapists and mobile caregivers, after the evaluation is finished. The estimated market entry is end of 2018.

Any questions left?

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