ichó Prototypeichó Prototype


ichó is a ball that reacts to outside influences like pressure, catching, stroking, and throwing. ichó reacts with signals such as coloured light, vibration, music, and sounds, all aiming to promote the user’s motor skills and cognitive function.

The individual support – targeted for each user – makes ichó exceptional. ichó can be quickly modified through a mobile app no matter where the user or facilitator is. This allows each user to have an entirely new, playful and individual experience during therapy.

If you are looking for digital startups at the care market, you find apps, tablets and digital devices. Most people, who are supposed to work with these devices, are not eager to complex digital devices. Furthermore there is an aversion against these devices.

ichó acts different. With its ball shaped design, it is a known object, which does not aim resentments. But the ball by itself is only the medium, for a big step to digitalisation in the care of elderly and cognitive diseased.

Assistance and activation

With these basic functions we want to take a look into the future. On the long term, with the help of therapists, care givers and care facilities, we want to create real therapy- and assistance-concepts for ichó.

These concepts can be used on any place. So we can guarantee users, who are moving to different locations, to find a similar or even the same quality as in his previous assistance and therapy.



At the beginning you get new applications through the platform for the ichó-ball. There will be applications developed by ourselves, licensed applications from third parties and applications created by other community members.

This does not only creates a lively exchange and variety of possible applications of the ichó ball, but also supports evaluation and quality management. In this way, it is possible to tell exactly which applications and the best possible activation or promotion can be achieved with which disease and stage.

ichó in the field

In this short video you’ll see ichó in a day care facility. Patients dementia of this day care range from beginning to middle stage. In addition, some patients have other diseases such as Parkinson.

The therapy is guided and carried out by a therapist. During the lesson there are short drinking breaks.


Although our focus is currently on working with people suffering from dementia, we develop ichó for all cognitive diseases. We are already receiving inquiries from the area of learning and mentally handicapped children and adults, as well as depression.

With ichó, we want to develop a digital device for therapies to support cognition, motoric and emotionality.

Also the use of ichó in rehabilitation is a big task which we would like to challenge.