ichó is suppose to generate communication, where it is decreasing and shall bring together people, who are disconnecting by sickness.

Communication is one of the most important elements of harmonic living together. Furthermore communication is the entrance ticket to be part of the society.

ichó is able to integrate cognitive sicken people into the society and therewith archives an important contribution for dementia affected people and their families. Furthermore (due to direct contact with scientists) ichó assists dementia sciences and research with crucial values.

Facilities and nursing staff

For daily handling of residents of care facilities and daily morning care: ichó can support a variety of duties by given a ritual to the care process.

Therapists and caregiver

ichó offers a versatile programe for vitalization such as application at day cares and motivational therapy devices for a new offer in the recreation room.

Relatives and affected

ichó can establish communication either while caring an affected person at home or during a visit in a care facility.


How does an application looks like which is in use in care facilities at the moment?
Games, such as instruments– and animalmemories, are working very well for guests and habitants of care facilities. ichó is playing an instrument and it is up to the group to guess the instrument and to move as if you would play the instrument.
The animalmemory is either playing an animal sound from a farm (pig, rooster, cow, horse…) or from wildlife (whale, lion, bear, moose…). Patients need to guess which animal it is and where it is living.

Especially working with fairytales is interesting. An example is the fairytale of the Frog King, where ichó is the golden sphere. If you lift the sphere out of the fountain upwards, ichó is starting to glow gold. Every step of the fairytale are integrated in ichó and will be told with the help of the sphere.

Huge success is making music with ichó within a group. If everyone is having an ichó, every ball can be another instrument. For example, different types of knocking is producing another sound of a drum kit. All ichó spheres can communicate automatically with each other. This is why you can expect a harmony (computer based) and the group feels like being an orchestra.

Developing process


The focus of our work ist he development of ichó with thrapists, care givers and other persons in charge.

Only with the help of those experts we are able to develop ichó to become the perfect applications for cognitive diseased people. ichó is not supposed to be a technical gimmick without any use.

Partners in development

Impressions of ichó in use