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Problem dementia

Problem dementia

Every 3 seconds a human is diagnosed with dementia worldwide.

Germany has the oldest society in Europe and the second-oldest in the world. Today, health care systems are working at their limits and are prognosticated to collapse by the year 2050, if no innovations are developed.

Digital systems aren’t that normal in therapy and care of people suffering from dementia.

Solution ichó

We are a digital and social start-up company in the digital healthcare market. Our first product, ichó, is an interactive device for therapeutic use in the form of a ball. As a new digital device to aid and activate, it

is dedicated to people with cognitive diseases. The current focus of the project is on the concept-development of therapies for people suffering from dementia.

ichó is a ball that reacts to outside influences like pressure, catching, stroking, and throwing.

ichó reacts with signals such as coloured light, vibration, music, and sounds, all aiming to promote the user’s motoric skills and cognitive function.

ichó acts as a tool for fostering, therapy and care of people with cognitive diseases.

What are the experts saying

Due to its easy handling of the ball – ichó – it is a valuable benefit to the care of relatives of cognitive diseased people. ichó enables a possible to strengthen the way of communication.

Furthermore the playful factor of the ball brings fun and joy to be busy together.

Christoph Abrahamczik, Management PariMobil

Me as employee in a factory for handicapped people, I see huge potential for ichó for example for people with severe handicaps. I hope that we will get the chance to test it one day.

Karen Preller, Duisburger Werkstatt für Menschen mit Behinderung gGmbH

ichó seems to be an experimental idea, which is full of dynamic for further development. It is worth any support since it is a link to form contact between different generations.

Prof. Dr. Manuela Weidekamp-Maicher, HSD · Faculty of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies

ichó team has achieved impressively to appeal all senses of handicapped people in a respectful manner and all technology is hidden invisible in the background. This is a universal design at its highest level.

Michael Schlenke, Universal Design expert and CEO The Caretakers

During our event for Social Enterpreneurship at the Folkwang University in Essen, the ichó team has revealed that a good solution to combine a social challenge – here the appreciated handling with dementia diseased people – with the economy. The interactive therapy ball has impressed all present students und helped to develop social-economic ideas during the whole event.

Carsten Lessmann, Foundert Hilfswerft gGmbH

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